The Ankobra Gold Route can be explored in three sections: the Southern Circuit, where the river meets the sea; the Middle Circuit; and the Northern Circuit; the latter two of which are further inland. Each circuit explores not just the history of the area through historical sites, but also seeks to explore the culture and daily lives of those living in the vicinity. Let us take you around each one, highlighting some of the points of interest for you. Be warned, though, this narrative will whet your appetite to visit our beautiful Western Region!

Finding Your Way to the Ankobra Gold Route
The Ankobra Gold Route Tourism Destination is easily accessible from Takoradi and Elubo. The Middle Circuit can be reached by boat from Sanwoma (Ankobra) or through the Nkroful–Bamianko–Tarkwa road. The Northern Circuit can also be reached by the Takoradi–Tarkwa–Bogoso and Prestea Highway.

Streets in Ghana - and for that matter the Ankobra Gold Route - do not have numbers and names, especially outside major cities. The roads are mainly recognized by the towns they link. Follow signs, and when in doubt ask for directions, because virtually everyone along the road will be courteous and helpful enough to provide an answer.

  1. By Road with Public Transport

From Accra, travel on a four-hour journey by STC coach, or by private mini bus or coach from Kwame Nkrumah Circle or Kaneshie Market. In Takoradi, go to the Tarkwa station near the STC Bus Terminal, or go to the Goil Petro Station and catch a mini bus or Trotro to Butre, Axim Tarkwa, Bogoso and Prestea. Then find the Town Tourism Development Committee (TTDC), for a memorable tour.

  1. By Road with a Private Vehicle

From Accra, take the Cape Coast-Takoradi highway and travel on a four-hour journey to Takoradi. At the Kwame Nkrumah roundabout near the Goil station, turn onto the Agona Nkwanta, Tarkwa and Elubo road, and drive to your specific destination.

  1. From Kumasi and The North

Take the Cape Coast–Yamoransa highway, and continue to Takoradi, or drive direct to Tarkwa, Bogoso, Prestea, Axim or Butre, on the Kumasi-Tarkwa Road.

  1. By Air

Take a plane from Accra or Kumasi to Takoradi, and follow the road directions from Takoradi.

Where to Stay and Eat
There are accommodation facilities in the entire Ankobra Gold Route area. The concentration is highest in the South, and it is relatively adequate in the Northern Circuit. Virtually all accommodation facilities have the capacity to provide catering services. In cases where they don’t, you can try a restaurant or traditional catering facility (Chop Bar). Please watch out for Ghana Tourism Authority approved facilities, with their licenses displayed at the reception.

Information, Registration and Guide Services
For information, registration and guide services, contact the local Town Tourism Development Committee (TTDC) in each community.







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