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Maps and Plans:

Van Keulen's map)
« *Nieuwe en Naauwkeurige Pas kaert van de Guineese Goud, Tand en Slave Kust,  edited by J. Van Keulen in 1738 (University of Amsterdam Library, coll.
Bodel Nÿenhuis, P182 N9).

*De Goudkust in Guinea* by J. Elandts [National Archives, The Hague 4 VEL
149](PRAAD has an old reproduction listed as MP 914)

« *Kaart van de Afdeeling Boutry* », 1859 [A.N., La Haye, 4 MIKO 754]

map of the Shama District by D. W. Scheffelaar, 1859 (National Archives, The Hague, 4 MIKO)

(Axim-detail of Apetem)
*Figurative Kaart der Afdeeling Axim*   by J. Vitringa de Coulon, 1859
[N.A., The Hague, 4 MIKO 756]

MP 924 (the reference for the National Archives, The Hague is 4 VEL 148),

MP 938 Fort Tot Ankobra (the ref. is 4 VEL 87)

MP 957 Butri (ref. 4 VEL 756)



  • Jacob Knopft “English and Dutch Ships Taking Store at a Port” 1673, National Maritime Museum, London.

      -      Johan Valkenburgh  - Director General Gold Coast  by by Daniel Vertangen, 1660, Rijksmuseum,  







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